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Philosophy (BEE)
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Philosophy (BEE)

One of the best creatures on planet, BEE, Allah has accorded them with best teamwork qualities as every member work hard and in a managed way for the survival of the community, and He has blessed them to produce the beneficial ‘honey’ for us.

Keeping the exemplary BEE in our mind, we have developed our work philosophy to survive in this era of competitive market. Our philosophy can be translated as:

Our BEE Philosophy


  • 100% Backup of Transmission Signal
  • 100% Backup of Recording PCs
  • 100% Backup of Power (2 Gensets/4 UPS)
  • 400% Backup of Recording Clips
  • 100% Backup of Reporting Sites


  • Quality and High Accuracy through image Processing Technology
  • Delivery, Compare to Competition, with 70% less human resource, delivering the data 60% faster in time


  • Reporting Customization according to client needs
  • Online Access all Reports and Analysis anywhere, anytime, online