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Media Monitors Pakistan is a project and brand name of Media Info System Pvt. Ltd. We are glad to introduce our media monitoring company under the brand ‘Media Monitors’ which is lead by some known and experienced people in the field of Media Monitoring and Information Technology.

The Company’s new version of Automated Media Monitoring technology is developed by our 6 years related experienced R&D team which has initially introduced first computerized media tracking services in year 2003 in Pakistan.

The rich industry experience and young talented team of technology researchers has developed a system which delivers monitoring data within shortest time with maximum accuracy and les resource consumption.

Our Company’s expertise includes:

  • Advertisement Tracking: Keeping commercial airtime/space auditing and complete veri- fiable data for the industry.
  • Content Monitoring : Relate to monitor the non-commercial part of transmission /publications.
  • Media Archiving: Long term search able Record keeping of Media Assets on electronic and print media.