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Media Monitors Pakistan has indigenously developed Automated Media Monitoring Technology by using open source Linux platform. The core technology is based on the real frame by frame Video Matching technique. As the whole software solely developed in-house by our talented team of Software Engineers therefore adaptability is intact for the ever evolving industry standards on creative side of the transmission and advertisement.

Following are some salient features of the Technology

  1. Automated Software based Ad Tracking System
  2. Operators are only required to enter name and log airing time of every program and its parts. Through Brand Directory the advertisements are recognized and entered into database auto- matically. Operators only label every NEW ad entry to update the Brand Directory.

  3. Automatic Quality Control software needs less human interaction. Due to automatic Video Matching technology 96% data is accurate at the level of scanning. QC process increase the accuracy to 99.98%

  4. Reporting Server uploads subscribed reports and data on FTP servers which is then retrieved by the users through our web interface. In Linux platform there is minimal possibility for viruses and hacking, therefore Website “downtime” is comparatively less.

  5. Through web based service the transmission and data can be verified online.