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Customize Services

Following are some major services we offer on the customize level on subscription of the client:

Spot Audit / Deviation Report

On requirement of client, we can provide complete airtime and placement audit of a pertinent campaign or regular monthly basis airing. This audit or deviation report prepared on the reconciliation of Client’s provided final Media Plan copy with the actual airtime report generated after our monitoring process. The main fields of this report inform about the Active, Deviated and Dropped spots along with the number of spots aired over and above the plan i.e. Extra. We make sure the 99.99% correct audit and also provide proof of transmission to back up the claims which client will raise with the media on the basis of our report.

Customize Analysis

On the basis of our data and extensive experience of data crunching and slicing through our speedy servers, we offer Customize Analysis services to our clients. Pre and Post campaign analysis can be available on regular update basis. To get better results, client will need to provide its objectives and desired formats of the analysis we will make. Apart from the conventional delivery methods, these analyses can be embedded on the online subscribed page of the client reporting site (i.e. will be visible to client only).